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Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year – Review #25

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year Background

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year BottleJust when I thought I wrapped up reviews of Buffalo Trace #2 mash, I got my hands on a bottle of Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year. This is not to be confused with Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star, which is probably aged about 3-4 years. This bottle has a 10 year age statement and packs a lot more flavor.

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year has been discontinued and before that it appears to have only been available in Kentucky. It was kind of rare and now it’s gone. This stuff is legendary as both a forbidden fruit and something that drinks well above its price tag. So, this might be an exercise in frustration because odds are you’ll be lucky to find it.


10 years age statement. Bottled at 43%. Buffalo Trace’s #2 mash bill of about 13-15% rye. Got this one on a trade, but retails for $15-$20 or so.


Caramel sweetness. A little oak. Fruity. Figs. Citrus, orange peel. Trace of sulfur. Maybe a little herbal-ginger thing going on.


Light, sweet, and fruity. Nice caramel. Some hot cinnamon adds for a little complexity. Some rye flavors of pine and spice in the background along with some oak. Finish has a slight astringency and a little funk. Getting a little cardboard.


Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year is pretty refreshing and enjoyable. Really the only ding on this the light proof. There’s also something a little funky going on in the end that I’d rather finish cleaner.

I had Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year side by side with Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star and it’s no comparison. Much more flavor and complexity. I also put it up against some others in the Buffalo Trace #2 Mash. I figured Hancock’s President’s Reserve would be best comparison with its lower bottle proof. I liked it better than Hancock’s President’s Reserve, although I think Hancock has more caramel flavors. I also put it up against Elmer T Lee, and that was a decisive winner as was Blanton’s in my book. I get too much nail polish remover out of Rock Hill Farms, so I’d prefer Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year over that.

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is 90-proof, and it would be interesting to see the 10 year here at the same power. The big deal through is the cost. I’m not sure of the exact cost for on a full bottle, but for around $15-$20, this seems like it was a winner.  Too bad you can’t buy it anymore.


Try a Glass – 2.5/5 Rating

(My 5 point scale: Pass, Try a Glass, Buy a Bottle, Buy Again, Shut Up and Take My Money – Bottle price is taken into consideration for recommendations.)

Buying Options and Further Research

Well, if you find a bottle of Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year, go ahead and buy it. At the very worst you’ve got a nice cheap collector’s bottle. Either way, I’m sure you’ll find a Bourbon nerd willing to take it off your hands. Otherwise you’ll need to find something else. At this price point in the standard rye Bourbon ring I’d suggest Wild Turkey 81 and for a couple bucks more I’d recommend going for Wild Turkey 101. A lower rye option that I think is similar would be Buffalo Trace. I’m not sure I’d recommend Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star unless you’re really strapped for cash.

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