Dickel Hand Selected Barrel 9 Bottle

Dickel 9 Year Old Hand Selected Barrel – Review #49


Dickel Hand Selected Barrel 9 BottleGeorge Dickel 9 Year Hand Selected Barrel is one of two special bottlings from George Dickel. The selection line includes a 9 and 14 year bottled at 103 and 106-proof. The idea is this whiskey is sold to stores willing to purchase an entire barrel. So, it would seem they’re sort of rare, although if you do find a host store you’ll likely find plenty of bottles. This of course makes this a single barrel product and each store’s selection will vary slightly.

The Dickel 9 Hand Selected Barrels are filtered in the Lincoln County Process style with charcoal. Dickel uses 13-foot vats filled with charcol. Prior to filling, Dickel chills the whiskey so it’s also chill filtered. The Lincoln County Process is shared by the other major Tennesee producer Jack Daniel’s. The goal is to give the whiskey a “smoothness” and tends to also lend a distinct flavor. Another benefit is it should also shorten the aging time as some of the volatile compounds will be stripped away that normally take time to dissipate. As a result of this process this is not Bourbon, but Tennessee whiskey.


9 Years Old. Bottled at 103-proof. Thought to be  84% corn, 8% rye, and 8%. Purchase price $45.


Cherry, solvent-like. Smoky maple. Barrel char. Sweet, sweet. Mustard. Spices


Syrupy. Tart. Sweet. Kind of cloying. Some heat. I like to add some water. Smoked maple keeps coming to me. Barrel char is prominent. Fruity.


Not really my thing. This is different, but not the good kind of different, at least for me. Technically it seems a fine whiskey. A little water dials down the heat and overall more enjoyable. I’m not just digging the flavors all that much. It seems like it was finished in a barrel of something I don’t really care for. It’s just not my thing.


Try a Glass – Rating 2.0/5.0

(My 5 point scale: Pass, Try a Glass, Buy a Bottle, Buy Again, Shut Up and Take My Money – Bottle price is taken into consideration for recommendations.)

Buying Options and Further Research

This is a low rye Bourbon without too many piers. For low rye around this price a good bet are the Colonel EH Taylor Jr Small Batch and Single Barrel. A higher rye recipe that is similar is John J Bowman.