Eagle Rare Bourbon

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Bourbon – Review


Eagle Rare 10Eagle Rare 10 Year was until recently a single barrel Kentucky Bourbon. It still has its 10 year age statement, but is no longer sold as a single barrel. Buffalo Trace indicate the change is result of moving Eagle Rare to a higher capacity bottling line to better meet demand. Because of this change, apparently it’s more difficult to bottle this brand one barrel at a time. It’s made at Buffalo Trace Distillery from their #1 low-rye mash. The brand was created by Charles Beam and introduced in 1975 by Seagrams. The Eagle Rare brand was acquired by Sazerac in 1989. A 18 year old expression sits in Buffalo Trace’s annual Antique Collection, but the original Eagle Rare was a 101-proof 10 year Bourbon. The 101 was discontinued in 2005 and today we have the 90-proof bottle.


10 Year age statement. Uses Buffalo Trace’s #1 mash. Guessed to be about 8% rye. Bottled at 45%, MSRP – $29.99 (2016 Price)


Jammy. Fruity sweet. Lots of apples. Honey and grapes. Oak w/ some char. Vanilla. Grilled dessert. Maybe a little cola in there


Light and sweet. Honey and apples carry through from the nose. Corn. Some tartness in the finish. Nice oak flavor. Wood astringency dries out the finish a little. A little watermelon? Not a lot of rye to balance out the sweetness. Crisp and sweet with warming finish.


Things seem to quickly transition from fruity sweetness to drying oak. Just not a ton of character and length in there. Oak and tannins really linger. Another sip refreshes the fruity sweetness and reinforces the oak. Oak may dominate a bit, but it really balances out the initial sweetness. Very nice. Initially seems a little dull and heavy on the oak/tannins, but keep sipping it seems to build layers. Refreshing. A warm weather whiskey.

Depending on the mood, Eagle Rare 10 might not fit the bill. It’s not too complex and it lacks richness. For what it lacks, it has a nice wood presence and is supremely sippable. Nice Bourbon on its own and even better for the price. I’ll be keeping this one stocked.

Eagle Rare 10 Rating

Buy Again – 4/5 Rating

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