Four Roses Private Selection

Four Roses – High Rye Private Selections – Review


Four Roses Private Selection
Four Roses Private Selection

This is the second post in my look at Four Roses’ 10 different private barrels. I’d suggest checking that post on the lower 20% rye recipes for the background on this effort and how I stacked those 5 recipes.

In this post I’ll be looking at the even higher 35% rye recipes. It’s interesting to compare how the same yeast came across in the two recipes, although certainly barrel selection also plays a part.


As I did last time, I’ll rank the recipes towards my preference and put in some notes for each. My goal isn’t really to review these as I expect different batches will move the needle either way a bit. My intent is just to determine which recipes I think I like best so I can seek those out in the future.

Note: The recipes with more than one bottle listed are sampled from all those bottles.



– Tippin’s | Ann Arbor, MI | 9yr-8mo | 56.7% | QS 87-2J
– Spec’s | Houston, TX | 9yr-4mo | 58.7% | QS 88-31

Mint, spearmint. Fruity. Spicy. Soft. Sweet. Tasty.

– Randall’s | St. Louis, MO | NAS | 55.9% | ME 80-1B
– Four Roses | Lawrenceburg, KY |10yr-3mo | 59.5% | GW 39-4F
– Spec’s | Houston, TX | 11yr- 2mo | 57.3% | ME 2-2N

Spicy, minty. Vanilla. Nice spice. Cinnamon. Pretty sweet. Some barrel char.


– Jonna’s | Howell MI | 10r-11mo | 60.2% | JE 50-3J
– Four Roses | Lawrenceburg, KY | 10yr-8mo | 58.7% | JE 42-2P

Bunch of vanilla and cinnamon.  Bananas foster. Tart. Mint. Sweet, honey.

– /R/Reddit | 10yr-6mo | 63.2%| HW 32-5Q

Strawberries, mixed berries, fruity. Vanilla. Soft. Sweet. Honey. Barrel char. A little hot. Some astringency.


– Tippin’s | Ann Arbor, MI | 10r-5mo | 63.6% | US 59-6N

Honey, flowers, Mint. Fruity. Vanilla. Cinnamon. Some barrel char. A little medicinal.


As with the lower rye flight, these are all pretty good. I have no regrets at buying any of these bottles and will enjoy them. My goal is simply to figure out what recipes I like best for future buys.

I enjoyed the V yeast in both recipes, but feel OBSV is pretty similar to Four Roses Single Barrel. The regular Single Barrel seemed to have more grassy rye nose and bit of a bite and bitterness. The OBSV I got more caramel, sweeter, and understandably a bigger body.  I prefer the private OBSV, but I think it’s close enough to the standard Single Barrel to not really seek it out. Plus save $20 or so. I’m sure there are some exceptional barrel selections out there, however. Nice to have on hand.

The Q yeast to me makes for an interesting bottle. I think K is my overall favorite yeast from these bottles, and I also like the V, but Q is right in there too. It’s fairly distinct from the other two yeasts and adds a little variety. Some times I liked it better than other, so that’s why it’s in the second grouping. I’ll probably like to have this around, but not really go out of my way to get a bottle.

So, there’s a run down of a lot of good whiskey.  It seems both the K recipes are my favorite, so I’ll be on the look out for that. My next challenge will be to see which specific recipes across both mashes I like best and to start exploring different selections of that.