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Jim Beam Black Background

Jim Beam Black BottleJim Beam Black is aged 8 years, which is actually a conventional age for upscale Bourbons. The label call this double aged meaning it’s aged twice as long as its flagship Jim Beam Original Bourbon.

The Beam family has made Bourbon since 1740’s going back seven generations. The company began in 1795 and only halted production during Prohibition. The company has a wide portfolio and Jim Beam Black is one the premium bottling of the Jim Beam brand. The Beam brand is part of a larger holding company that makes popular Bourbons such as Bookers, Knob Creek, and Maker’s Mark. Suntory bought the company in 2014.


8 Year age statement. Bottled at 43%. Mash bill of 73% corn, 13% rye, and 10% barley. Paid $25 (Michigan state minimum price)


Charred oak. A little smokey. Caramel. Oranges and bready. Kind of smells like a home-brew shop.


Sweet and light with some nice caramel flavors. Some tartness. Nice oak char. Thin and crisp. A little hot cinnamon and spice in the finish with alcohol warmth.


I find Jim Beam Black easy drinking and refreshing, although it’s light, thin, and a kind of flat. It’s got decent flavor, but maybe a little under powered. Not tons of character or depth, but it hits some notes well and I find it solidly OK. The Beam yeast is distinct and it comes through here. I seem to interpret it as a citrus kind of orange juice plus toast thing in the nose and some yeasty aftertaste in the finish. Seem like a polarizing flavor profile. You’ll probably like or hate it, I suppose, but it’s unique.

Price on Jim Beam Black is good and it’s a decent Bourbon.  It’s got some nice age to it and an affordable entry standard rye Bourbon. If you like the original white label Jim Beam, I’m sure this will be a nice upgrade. Or if you’re curious about trying out a nice quality Beam bottle without spending much money, this should give you a nice introduction to the flavor profile.

Jim Beam Black Recommendation

Try a Glass – 2.5/5 Rating

Buying Options and Further Research

Jim Beam Black is a standard rye Bourbon, so we have a lot of options. In case you can’t find this bottle or want to research similar Bourbons at this price, I’d suggest looking into Elijah Craig 12, Wild Turkey 101, Old Forester Signature, and Evan Williams Single Barrel. If you want to go a little more upscale on the Beam flavor profile, check out Knob Creek Small Batch.

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