Fred Minneck myth busts some current Bourbon rumors

Burning Down the Rumor Mill

Fred Minneck for Whiskey Advocate:

I’ve examined some of the prevalent rumors found on barstools, forums, and social media; let’s have a look at the facts behind them.

A lot of good tidbits of information here. A couple pieces that I found interesting as related to my recent reviews… We can expect a 5th batch of Elijah Craig 12 Barrel Proof in the next month or so. As I mentioned in my review I heard availability might improve, so it will be interesting to see if this release will be larger than previous batches. Also, nice to hear Elijah Craig 12 Year won’t be losing its age statement.

Also Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star isn’t going anywhere, but apparently the 10 year bottle is retired. I managed to track down a bottle of the 10 year and I’ll review it in the coming weeks.

Also, Weller 12 isn’t going anywhere and won’t be losing its age statement.