Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003

Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon 2003 – Review

Evan Williams Single Barrel Background

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003Info on Evan Williams Single Barrel according to Heaven Hill’s Evan Williams site: “Each year our Master Distillers Parker and Craig Beam select barrels that meet their exacting standards. It’s a bourbon that is vintage dated, meaning each bottle is marked with the vintage date it was put into oak and the year it was bottled.”

The Evan Williams Single Barrel 2004 bottling has been released and is making its way through retail inventory. I haven’t seen it yet in Michigan, but I’m not exactly asking to pull down bottles to check. Since the new release is here, thought I should give the 2003 bottle some attention.


Barreled: 2/28/03, Bottled: 10/26/13, Barrel: #989. Rumored to use Heaven Hill’s low mash 78% corn, 10% rye, 12% barley. 43.3%. Paid $30.


Caramel and vanilla. Corn, honey sweetness, oak, char. Perfume. Toffee, brown sugar. Fruity.


Apples, oak, a little buttery. Cinnamon. Sweet. Light smokiness in the finish. Low to medium rye spiciness in the finish. Some alcohol warming.


There’s balance here. Seems dark sugars and vanilla with a good dose of oak. Hint of smoke is interesting in the finish. Everything seems held in check and nothing really jumps out. Just a well put together Bourbon. When you factor in the price, there’s even more to like.

Evan Williams Single Barrel Recommendation

Buy Again – 4.0/5 Rating

(My 5 point scale: Pass, Try a Glass, Buy a Bottle, Buy Again, Shut Up and Take My Money – Bottle price is taken into consideration for recommendations.)

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