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Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey – 8th Release (2014) – Review #52

Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey  Background

Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey - PH8Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey is the 8th release in Heaven Hill’s Parker Heritage series. Released once a year, the series features a limited selection of barrels from Heaven Hill stocks. Last year Heaven Hill released Promise of Hope, which was a straight Bourbon that I really enjoyed. This year we have a straight wheat whiskey. Being wheat whiskey, vs a wheated Bourbon, this must be at least 51% wheat mashbill. That’s compared to the at least 51% corn for Bourbon and 51% rye for designation of rye whiskey.

Heaven Hill said Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey is from the original batches for Bernheim Wheat Whiskey. Recently Heaven Hill re-released Bernheim Wheat with a 7 year age statement, which is pretty unusual in a time when whiskeys are dropping their age statements. The Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey is a 13-year-old, so nearly twice as old as Bernheim Wheat. Also interesting is Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey is released as a cask strength, so not only twice as hold but an unfiltered 127.4-proof.


13 Years Old. Bottled at 63.7%. Straight Wheat of at least 51% wheat. Paid $100


Sweet candy like. Caramel. Toffee. Bready, biscuity wheat. Spices like cinnamon. Rich charred wood.


Sweet syrupy caramel and toffee. Surprisingly mild for the proof. Buttery. A little cherry-berry fruitiness. Roasted flavors with some woody tannic residue. A bit tart and drying in the finish.


Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey is a nice little treat. Barrel proof whiskey with some age to it always fun, but this js not only a nice whiskey selection, but a little different in a wheat whiskey. The Parker’s Heritage series seems to still be a bit under the radar among the Bourbon hoards. At least initially. Allocation is a bit thinner according to some conversations, but hopefully this is a release that might hang around certain shelves for a bit if you’re willing to look.

Parker’s Heritage Collection Wheat Whiskey has some lingering heat in the finish, but it’s very nice drinking right out of the bottle. A little water makes it more approachable and eases up the finish a bit. Still nice woody dry flavor, but the water takes off a bit of the bite in the finish. The water also brought in some fruitiness to back up the sweetness.

Pricing on this for me was $100, which isn’t unreasonable these days for a special release, especially at barrel strength. Not sure I’d want to buy another at this price, but if I come across another bottle I’ll be tempted. I certainly will enjoy this one and I’m glad to have the experience.


Buy Again – 4.5/5.0 Rating

(My 5 point scale: Pass, Try a Glass, Buy a Bottle, Buy Again, Shut Up and Take My Money – Bottle price is taken into consideration for recommendations.)

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