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Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye (Caribbean Cask)

Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye Background

Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye
Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye

If you’re sourcing whiskey to bottle, it’s always interesting to give it a unique twist. This can be a blend of straight whiskeys like successfully done at High West or another idea is to finish the product in another barrel. Angel Envy’s Bourbon is finished in port barrels and not only makes it unique from other similar sourced whiskeys, but the residual port complements the Bourbon well.

With Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye, they took a similar approach. In this limited release bottling they’re sourcing 95% rye whiskey, presumably from Indiana’s MGP, just like many, many other ryes currently on the shelves. Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye, however, is then finished in Plantation XO Rum barrels from the Caribbean. But before they were rum barrels they were French cognac barrels, which offers even more backstory. Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye is aged up to 18 months in these rum casks on top of the rye aging.

The result is not only very unique, but really complements the rye well.


No Age Statement. Bottled at 100-proof. 95% rye finished in rum casks. Paid $79


Dark brown sugar. Mint. Molasses. Vanilla. Caramel. Maple. Raw rye. Orange peel.


Lots of brown sugar. Rummy. Some mint. Honey. Cinnamon. Minty fresh rye fills in.


Dessert in a glass. Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye is sweet, sweet pour. If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy rye, this bottle is probably for you. I can’t see myself in the mood for this regularly, but this is a real nice treat. To me, this screams brown sugar and molasses as if someone plopped in a big spoonful of dark brown sugar into the glass. And then the fresh, spicy, minty rye complements these darker flavors well.

Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye is on the pricy side and it’s definitely different in the world of ryes. It’s also a limited bottling, so finding it may be tricky. It may not be for everyone considering both the price and the flavors, so tracking down a glass first wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I really enjoyed Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye in short pours when the mood strikes me.  Basically I think the finish is executed really well here, but priced higher than I enjoy the bottle. I’m not sure if I’ll buy another bottle, assuming I find another, but I will enjoy and share the one I got.


Buy a Bottle – 3.0/5.0 Rating
(My 5 point scale: Pass, Try a Glass, Buy a Bottle, Buy Again, Shut Up and Take My Money – Bottle price is taken into consideration for recommendations.)

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